DeepReflection, DesignThinking, Education, Empathy

The JamCam Experience: Memoirs of an Innovative Teacher in an Ever Changing World


Allow me to introduce myself. I am James Campbell – Educator, Learner, Connector and Design Thinker.  I am also a husband, father, son, cousin, uncle, teacher, coach and a host of other things.  I attempted to identify the four words that best describe me and how I am connected to others but could also describe me if I were to stand alone.  In August of 2015, I shared with my co-workers my personal life mission: Assist 10,000 people in exploring and developing their Creative Confidence.  Over the course of this school year, I feel I have made progress on this mission but I do not have the numbers to back it up.  I have discovered my biggest gap exploring my Creative Confidence.  

I tend to be an encourager as I try to inspire students to pursue their passion.  I strive to help others share the best they have to offer.  I give space and time (sometimes at my detriment) for others to gain creative confidence.  What about me?

So it is now April and I am dealing with the closing of another school year and the mad rush to complete the many tasks that all teachers must accomplish.  My dilemma: I do not just want to finish the year exhausted and My Bucket Empty.  I need to fill my bucket and find my passion. I need to explore my creative confidence and strive to share my best.  I need to share my story.

I am switching gears in my thinking.  I plan to focus on identifying my passion.  I hope to explore my creative confidence.  I will seek and share my strengths and weakness.  I will make myself vulnerable to criticism and feedback from the outside world.

If you are reading this initial post, I hope you will read others.  Since I am not using Grammly and I write “fill” when I should “feel”. Please feel free to comment with edit recommendations.  If you start noticing patterns and consistent behaviors, please point them out.  If you identify strengths I should explore or weakness I need to conquer, please speak up.  Hopefully my rambling will free you up to explore your own Creative Confidence, Pursue Your Passions and Share your Story.  Thanks for reading.   


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