I initially typed this two weeks ago but at the time was not ready to share.  

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When the school year started I shared with the Mount Vernon Upper School faculty my personal mission.  My mission is to assist 10,000 people in exploring and reaching their Creative Confidence.  Over the past 9 months I think I have had an impact on this mission but I feel that I have not made the impact that I desired.  I also am not tracking this impact.  So my question becomes, How do you measure the success of a mission if you are not tracking your progress?  A bigger question, if I am not engaging with this mission on a daily basis is that mission truly the mission.  Something has to change…

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A dictionary definition of change; to make or become different.  It is a verb and requires an action to be taken in order for it to happen.  I am referencing the thought of change because of my experience Friday March 25, 2016 with Creative Mornings Atlanta. This month’s topic was CHANGE and D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik was the speaker for the month.  D.R.E.S. spoke of “Walking In My Purpose.” He shared moments of his childhood and his love of Atlanta.  He spoke of how he had one vision and purpose and how it CHANGED over time.  He gave intimate details of homelessness  and rising to represent the US as a cultural ambassador in China.  He made me laugh and he made me think.  Yamean!  

His journey made me think of my journey and how over the course of life it has changed.  How certain times it seemed like I was in a deep dark hole and at times on top of the world. How here and now I feel  I am at a Crossroad and feeling (knowing) that change must come.  “You can change” and even with small change a difference can be made.  “You are standing on the shoulders of GIANTS.” With that being part of my DNA it is time to step out on faith.  

Last week I lost a piece of my college years, when I heard  PHIFE DAWG of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST was dead.  He was only 45 and it made me wonder did he get all of his TRUTH out.  It made me realize that life is finite and I must express my TRUTH before life passes me by.  One of my GIANTS, my Grandmother is very sick.  She is one of my GIANTS because when life was at its low points she stood in the GAP for me.  I owe it to her to fulfill my work purpose and to help others achieve their purpose.    

So what is next?  I have to spend more time engaged in  person to person interactions.  More stepping out of my introverted state to reach the massive audiences awaiting for CREATIVE CONFIDENCE to be released and realized.  More finding my way and allowing my faith and not fears to feed my soul and step into my greatness.  So my platform for sharing my reflections will change.  I will now use the venue of the JAMCAMEXPERIENCE.org to share my truth. I will share my thoughts as an educator, learner, connector, creative and design thinker.  CHANGE IS A CONSTANT, EMBRACE IT.  

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