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A New Experience: My Four Words

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

                                                         William Shakespeare

Make Monty

I was able to enter the stage for the first time as a keynote speaker.  It was the first annual Make Monterey and thanks to Meg Omainsky  I was able to share my story and the impact I have seen as a result of the Maker Movement.  Here is the quick overview…

From my viewpoint it is necessary to connect with the audience by sharing aspects of your personal side.  This has never been easy for me because it requires me to pull back layers of my complexities. Quoting Shrek, “Ogres are like onions, they have layers.  The first layer I pulled back was sharing the four words I use to describe who I am.  I am a Father, Educator, Learner and Connector.

If I could only carry one title it would be Father.  Being thankful that my wife and I have been blessed with two sons, Kamau and Kanoa has been a bright spot in my life.  As a father I feel it is my duty to Further them, meaning that they will have opportunities that I did not have as a child or a young adult.  Hopefully by paving a straight path for them they will encounter a different set of challenges that will help them become outstanding young men.

I shared with the audience how I consider myself an Educator and not just a History  teacher.  As an educator I have been placed in the wonderful position to create a learning environment for 100s of students during my 13 year  teaching tenure.  I have also served as a coach of various sports.  Coaching is a form of educating not just the physical body but also the mind.  It has allowed me to impart lessons that only sports can teach.  Being an educator has also placed me in a position to teach and share with other educators.  I love being a classroom teacher but I feel being called an educator captures the fullness of my duties.

To be an effective educator I also have to be a Learner.  I spoke about entering all learning opportunities through the eyes of a child.  Being curious, willing to take chances and not allowing past experiences to dictate current learning opportunities.  Explaining that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information to process.  Yet feeling excited when I learn something new and connecting new information to other areas of life.

The final of the four is being a Connector.  I love seeing the connections between various topics and ideas.  I get a rush when I meet new people and the positive energy that is shared.  Being empathic is something that I truly value and to share Brené Brown view, “Empathy Fuels Connection.”  This is what I love about the Design Thinking process, it calls upon you to connect with other humans.  To go beyond the surface and create a moment of visible empathy.   

More to come from Monterey tomorrow…

What are the four words you would use to describe yourself?  



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