The Educator

IMG_0881I decided a few months ago to get away from calling myself a Teacher when people ask what I do for a living.  When I shared that I am a teacher, people would immediately ask what do you teach.  I would then proceed to say History.  From there they would share how much they hated History.  How their teacher lectured the entire time and made it dull and boring.  I reply, you did not have me as a teacher.  You would have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  If they do not tell me they hated the course, they tell me how much they love History.  They proceed to tell me all about Greek History, or how they enjoy reading about the Boxer rebellion and the War of 1812.  When was that War again.  I smile and acknowledge their excitement but I am not really excited.  But I find being called a teacher is so limiting because I (we) do so much more than teach a subject.

I feel that the title Educator encompasses more of the day to day work that I do.  Yes I teach students and I enjoy teaching.  I do not sit at the board and lecture for 60 minutes and throw homework at them as the bell is ringing.  I attempt to make it student center because we are all students, generating student voice and choice blended with my adult “wisdom.”  As an educator, I also teach and train other educators sharing my experiences and ideas.  Hopefully giving them useful insights and pearls of wisdom.  I coach sports and coaching is another avenue of teaching.  I have always felt that good coaching and good teaching go hand and hand.  This is only a segment of what I do but I did not want to bore you with my many metaphors and analogies.

So today is the first day back from summer vacation, summer learning, summer decompression, summer get my life together or whatever you want to call it.  This year I hope you will join me on my day to day journey as an educator.  I plan to share my experiences as a member of the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School Faculty, a coach for The Teachers’ Guild , a proton of the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation , a life long learner and a father striving to further his sons.  I will try to speak from an Academic Authority but I tend to share from the philosophy of KISS (Keep It Simple Son).  Please feel free to provide feedback, give comments, dialogue with me or just give a thumbs up.  I will use Quest 4 Creative Confidence as a photo gallery blog, so for imagines of my day to day  check it out.  
Thank you for indulging me as I begin year 14 in the world as an Educator.  


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