The Year So Far…

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

John Dewey

Version 2

This marks week six of the school year and I am asking myself where has the time gone.  A lot of exciting things are taking place and my desire was to capture and reflect on these various experiences. Six weeks in and I have fallen short on the capturing, no reflective writings or moments of stopping and reflecting.  Right now I am in a state of doing and struggling just to “Be in the Moment.”  Here is what is happening in the world of JamCam…

  1. Grade 9 Humanities course is no longer a theory but a living functioning organism.
  2. The Humanities PLC still meets to craft, restructure and develop the program.
  3. Mentor Program for new teachers meeting 1 complete, meeting 2 coming soon.
  4. HOG duties are kicking in Folio Meetings, 73 and Under Reports, Team Building.
  5. Advisory with Grade 11 is different from Grade 9.
  6. Football Coaching: one last second defeat and one hard-fought win .
  7. MVIFI is in motion with Collider coming and School Visit day soon.
  8. The Teachers Guild is ready to roll: Civics Education and STEM.
  9. Both boys are in school, 2 year olds and 8 year olds have different needs.
  10. Leadership team still building capacity for PBLs, Instructional Rounds and more.

Those are the Top 10, more to come…


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