Reintroduction of Me to Myself

When I initially started this blog in the spring of last year, the plan was to have a reflective blog that captured my experiences as an Educator. My previous blogging experience ( on my students and my children helping them explore their creative side. That blog is still up and running and showcases more images than text. This blog was to be my place to reflect, share and hopefully receive feedback. Unfortunately my reflecting has been few and far between. “Bad Teacher,Bad Teacher. You have your students reflect and you do not.”

So allow me to reintroduce myself. Today I decided to start back reflecting (really three weeks ago I decided). I have placed a couple of steps in place to make the process a little easier for me to enter, share and get back to the business of the day (thats another issue) I will type my reflections directly in the blog site. Previously I was typing, editing and adding imagines in Google Docs and transferring into WordPress. A few less steps.

I will also place myself on a timer 15 minutes and I am done. The good part is that I will not analyze until I get nothing written. The downside it will be raw uncut and sometimes unfinished. I made this decision because it takes away my excuse of no time. It allows me to have a place to find that idea and return when the time is right. Looking forward to enjoying the ride.


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