HQPBL: process over product

IMG_0361The summer of 2018 allowed me to give 14 educators the opportunity to develop High Quality Project Based Learning units for their students. These dedicated teachers spent time creating new or polishing old units and using the HQPBL framework as a guide. Amber Player, Atlanta Girls’ School English teacher and Author, recently introduced her unit to her grade 10 English class. The focus of their work centers around the summer reading, Never Let Me Go. The final product will be a student choice artifact focused on MEMORY, THE PURPOSE OF ART or THE NATURE OF THE SOUL/ETHICS OF CLONING.



Students are in the very early stages of the project and in my opinion the most important phase; researching, developing ideas, journaling and on-going discussions. I believe that process is more important than the finished product. It is the time when students gain key skills: analyzing, critical thinking, project management, communicating in various forms. This time might not demonstrate what looks like a lot of excitement but the process is necessary to have a finished product that generates a WOW moment.IMG_0363


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