AGS Strong: Academics and Athletics


Physical Conditioning class can be a place for you to show off your strength or a place you might fear and just want to get it over with. Today I entered Coach Stacy Floyd’s physical conditioning class at the Atlanta Girls’ School. My purpose was to gain a greater understand of her teaching style and what her students go through over the course of a sixty-five minute class. I am also attempting to figure out possible ways physical conditioning can be included in project based learning and/or collaborative opportunities with other disciplines.


The first part of the class is student led. Each student understands they come into class and warm up. This time allowed for students to get their minds ready for the workout and clear their head from the previous class block. Then students learn a new skill through direct instruction. Today’s lesson focused one the second pull of the Power Clean. I love that Coach Floyd did a quick demonstration and then allowed them to attempt the move. Throughout the process, encouraging, correcting and challenging each student.


After the demonstrating and practicing of the skill. Students were prep for the Workout of the Day (WOD). Weights were prep, instructions given and the next 15-20 minutes was a constant moving of individuals from one exercise to the next. Stacy truly served as a facilitator at this point. Challenging students to push through perceived pain or fatigue. Correcting mistakes in the moment. Students were given individual teaching based upon their immediate need. The class was completed with a group wrap up. Everyone shared their personal times and reflected on the workout.


My Thoughts:

  1. I loved that she gave students individual instruction based upon the gaps she noticed.
  2. I loved that feedback was timely and in the moment.
  3. I loved that she demonstrated and immediately allowed them to do.
  4. I loved that she allowed students to self-assess. (If you are not sure of a move stay on this side for additional instruction, if you are good move to this space.)
  5. I loved that students corrected/thought each other.
  6. I wonder if students see the connection between athletic and academic strength/challenge.
  7. I wonder what are the natural subjects/discipline connections. (anatomy, art, biology)