Creating a SPACE to Make, Create and Think


I am not a maker… I shared this inability a few years ago during a MoVe(Moment Of Visible Empathy) talk on the MVIFI Fuse 2016 stage. It is a reality I have come to terms with, even though I strive to stretch myself and attempt to make. My mind and body struggle to bring my hopes of making into reality. Yet with all my hopes and wishes, the plan never seems to come together. Even though my making skills do not measure up to true makers. I have focused on not allowing my inabilities to stand in the way of others.

Currently I am in year two of my new role (maybe not so new) as STEAM Interdisciplinary Specialist. With any job there are defined and undefined responsibilities. Without giving a laundry list of what I do. I narrowed it down to some primary focus areas:

  1. Giving our students opportunities to engage in STEAM activities.
  2. Co-creating and assisting teachers with lesson/unit plans.
  3. Connecting Atlanta Girls’ School with the Atlanta community.
  4. Developing and Providing meaningful learning experiences for our teachers.

What is the connection between my opening statement and my current rambling. I am looking forward to AGS transforming the old science labs into our new Makerspace. This space will be a place where AGS girls can use power tools to create, break things and figure out how they work, and bring their thoughts to life. In the words of Ms Frizzle, “Take chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy.”

Old Science Lab soon to be New Makerspace

So I am not a maker but I need to know enough to create a safe environment, give guidance on the proper use of equipment and share the value of making as a tool for thinking. We are in the early stages of creating this Makerspace and I welcome any thoughts.

Deconstruction of Old Science Labs