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The Summer Intensive – Metro-Atlanta Access Program 2016


It is the summer of your freshman year of College.  Each night you are contemplating am i attending  the correct University.  You waited until the last minute to make your decision and settled on an out of state school.   The financial aid office is “dragging its feet” on securing a package that truly meets your needs.  In reality you procrastinated and thought they would understand your tardy paperwork party.  Even as you countdown the days to your first official class, you are already considering transferring closer to home.  You daydream, wandering if only I had attended the Metro-Atlanta Access Program Summer Intensive.  Thankfully this scenario is only a dream, you are currently attending MAP 2016.



The inaugural summer intensive started yesterday with a bang or more like a pop of a balloon.  MAP 2016 will take place June 18th – 20th at Oxford College of Emory University.  The organization’s co-directors, Sam Aleinikoff and Erin McCubbin, are excited to host 40 students from Atlanta Public Schools and Dekalb County Schools. “Living and working with students for three days allows us the time, space, and opportunity to cultivate relationships that empower students to begin their college search.”  The Metro-Atlanta Access Program  provides lessons, resources, and tools that enable each student to build the muscle needed to begin the application process their senior year. We promise that each student will:

  1. Engage meaningfully through sports, talent shows, down time, and meals to build relationships,
  2. Participate in a case study to help visualize the college admission reading process,
  3. Be empowered to brainstorm and develop a working draft of a personal narrative,
  4. Educate themselves on application and testing fee waivers, financial and merit aid processes and distinction, and scholarships available to high-need families,
  5. Work to build a robust resume highlighting his or her experiences and strengths,
  6. Develop a deep understanding of the high school transcript and its place in the application review process, including GPA calculation and HOPE GPA eligibility, and
  7. Have a customized list of schools to consider at the end of the summer intensive.


Aleinikoff and McCubbin will be joined  by  9 college admission officers.  These officers will serve as small group mentors, giving students advice that will definitely impact their search for the ideal college.  The following Colleges and Universities represented:  



  1. Emory University
  2. Georgia College
  3. Sewage: The University of the South
  4. Tufts University
  5. Carleton College
  6. Oberlin College
  7. Centre College
  8. Elon University
  9. Washington College

The initial part of the day began with team building and creating culture,  moments became more competitive as teams battled during College Jeopardy.  Jeopardy served as a foundation for learning as Admission officers began sharing insights about their school and the Admissions process in general.  


Couple of takeaways…

“Finish the Drill.”  Even if it states the essay is optional, complete it.

“Your story matters, stories show personality and voice.”

“Liberal Arts schools teach you, How to Think not what to Think”

So in reality it is the summer leading into your senior year of high school.  You are part of the MAP 2016 program.  You are surrounding by a host of adults who are vested in your future success.  How will you use this weekend to set the tone for an amazing College search.



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